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Sports Injury Rehabilitation

We are as keen as you are for you to return safely to the sport you love!

We follow an active approach to sports injury rehabilitation (in correspondence with your physician). Therapy in the acute phase includes early mobilization, strengthening, and hands hands-on work to decrease inflammation, pain, swelling and joint effusion. 

We can assist in building your individual strength and mobility by using dedicated strength training and conditioning plans, prescribing exercises and increasing joint and muscle function.

Aqua therapy is used for rehabilitation. The safe environment created by the therapeutic pool means you can:

  • Maintain some degree of fitness and strength regardless of the injury.
  • Recover faster in the acute phase and return to previous level of functionality sooner. 

To ensure a safe return to sport, we work with Christine Wall Biokinetics to develop an exercise programme aimed at improving your strength and increasing fitness. Our final evaluation includes fitness drills on the field to evaluate your readiness for the demands of the sport. We will work to ensure you are ready to play at full power again!